Lockers & Rentals

Rows of lockers

Locker Rentals

All day locker rentals are available for a nominal fee and are located in three areas, including: Main Gate near Carl's Jr., adjacent to Neptune's Fury, and near Turtle's Landing gift shop.

Large lockers rent for $25 per day
Dimensions: 16L x 22W x 17D

Standard lockers rent for $20 per day
Dimensions: 13L x 17W x 16D

Regular lockers rent for $15 per day
Dimensions: 10L x 14W x 16D

You are welcome to use the Park's changing rooms or you may change prior to entering the Park.

Orange cooler with water and juice bottles inside

Ice Chest Storage

Cooler Storage is temporarily unavailable at this time.

H2Go Program logo

H2Go Pass and information

This all-new Raging Waters Los Angeles virtual ride reservation system holds your place in line, so you can spend more time having fun and less time waiting for our most popular attractions.

The daily H2Go Pass can be purchased online or at the H2Go Booth, located in the main plaza at the Front Gate. But only a limited number of H2Go Passes are available for purchase each operating day. When they’re gone…they’re GONE! Prices may vary.

The H2Go Pass can be used on these popular rides:
Thunder Rapids, Raging Racer, Dark Hole, Dragon’s Den,
Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror, Neptune’s Fury, & High Extreme

Hold your place in line so you can spend more time having fun.

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