H2Go Passes

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H2Go Pass and Information

With two speeds to choose from, you don’t have to wait in line!

2022 H2GoPasses will be available in May.


  • With the H2Go Premium Pass your reservation will reduce the wait time by up to 50%!

  • With the H2Go Standard Pass your reservation time will be equal to the current wait time, you just don’t have to physically stand in line. The H2Go Pass lets you spend less time waiting and more time having fun



    Passes can be purchased online or at retail locations or the main gate ticket booth, located in the main plaza at the Front Gate. Plan your summer activities ahead and purchase your tickets and passes before hand. H2Go Passes are available every operating day; however, they are limited. When they're gone...they're GONE! Prices may vary.



    The H2Go Pass can be used on these popular rides:

    • Aqua Rocket
    • Thunder Rapids
    • Ragin' Racer
    • Dark Hole
    • Dragon’s Den
    • Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror
    • High Extreme

    Pricing, attraction availability and hours are subject to change without notice.