Opening Day: May 18th

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Inclement Weather Notice: The safety of our guests and our team members is our top priority. Following the latest updates on Hurricane Hilary, Raging Waters Los Angeles will be closed on Sunday, August 20. Tickets dated Sunday, August 20 will be honored on any 2023 operating day.

Memorial Day Sale Ends Soon: May 27th

Save Over 45% on Tickets & Passes! Limited Time Only. Voted Newsweek Readers' Choice Top 10 Outdoor Water Park. Shop Tickets & Passes

Memorial Day Sale Ends Soon: May 27th

Save Over 45% on Tickets & Passes! Limited Time Only. Voted Newsweek Readers' Choice Top 10 Outdoor Water Park. Shop Tickets & Passes

Memorial Day Sale Ends Soon: May 27th

Save Over 45% on Tickets & Passes! Limited Time Only. Voted Newsweek Readers' Choice Top 10 Outdoor Water Park. Shop Tickets & Passes

Park Rules & Policies

Safety is Our Top Priority

For your safety and enjoyment at our Park, please carefully read all of the text below. Failure to follow any of the regulations, conditions, and instructions set forth below may result in serious injury to yourself or other individuals. Individuals not following Park rules and safety instructions will be subject to immediate ejection from the Park without a refund. 

  • Weather Safety

    In certain severe weather situations (lightning, high winds, earthquakes, etc...), the Park may shut down rides, and direct people to certain areas, or direct people to leave the Park altogether. Please make sure to obey all Park instructions, if any are given. Hot weather poses a risk of sunburn and heat illness. People may not realize how much they are being impacted by hot weather until they develop heat illness.

    • Stay hydrated with water. Alcohol, overeating, and/or eating/drinking large amounts of sugar, are not advised.
    • Use sunscreen on all exposed areas of your body. Reapply frequently. If you have been in the sun for prolonged periods, or if it is especially hot and/or humid, take breaks as needed from your activities, and relax in a shaded or indoor area to allow your body to cool off.
    • Avoid heat exhaustion: Look for the warning signs of heat exhaustion, which include fatigue, nausea, headaches, weakness, slowed or weakened heartbeat, clammy skin and drenching sweat (often while feeling cool or cold), fainting or dizziness, excessive thirst, confusion or anxiety. Park staff should be alerted to any heat illness issue you or a person in your group may be suffering from; we are here to assist you.
  • Wave Pool Safety

    We provide United States Coast Guard-approved Type II and Type III life-vests free of charge pursuant to Section 115950-115952 :: Article 2.7. Wave Pool Safety Act.

    Children under 48 inches in height, regardless of whether the child is accompanied by an adult, shall wear a properly fitting United States Coast Guard-approved Type II or Type III life-vest to gain access to a wave pool.

    A child under 42 inches in height shall be accompanied by an adult in order to gain entry into the park. A wave pool operator shall deny entrance into the park of a child under 42 inches in height if that child is not accompanied by an adult.

  • Rider Responsibility

    Ride restrictions do apply. Please refer to all ride signage at the entrance to each attraction. Our lifeguards are highly trained and qualified. Please follow their instructions at all times.

    Participants must be able to hold proper form on the ride at all times to keep everyone safe. If a participant is unable to hold the proper ride form, they may be redirected towards other areas/rides in the park that do not pose a safety risk to their capabilities.

    Do not participate in any ride, activity or attraction, if you are under the influence of any alcohol, drugs (whether legal medication or illegal substances) which may affect your health, senses, body reflexes and coordination.

    Do not participate in any ride, activity or attraction if you have any health concerns or pre-existing conditions.

    Remember – safety is a shared responsibility!

  • Rules of Guest Behavior

    All guests must behave in a family-friendly manner which is safe for themselves and for others. Violations will result in consequential actions. The following is strictly prohibited, subjecting the violator to ejection without refund at the park’s discretion:

    • No Running. Surfaces may be slippery or wet—especially in bathrooms, on and around any water attractions, and in cafes or food areas.
    • No Diving. Diving, “flops,” flips, or “cannon balls” are prohibited at all times.
    • No Unruly Behavior. No climbing on or hanging from, any structures, trees, lamp posts, wiring, door frames, rain gutters, etc.
    • No Offensive Conduct. Profanity, making offensive comments or gestures, spitting, flashing of body parts, etc.
    • No Line-Cutting/Line-Saving. Guests may not save places in line for anyone. If you or anyone in your group leaves a line--for whatever reason (including the need to use a restroom), then upon that person’s return, that person must go to the back of the line. All of these are considered line cutting.
    • No Fighting
    • No smoking anywhere on property including parking lots.
    • No Property Damage or Theft. Any damage to or destruction of Park property (or the property of another), or theft of any property, will not be tolerated.
    • No Entry into Employee-Only and other Non-Guest Areas. Any area with signage pertaining to: “EMPLOYEE ONLY,” “NO ACCESS,” “KEEP OUT,” or “DO NOT ENTER.”
    • Follow all posted safety signs.
  • Dress Code

    In keeping with a family-friendly environment, proper swimwear is encouraged to ride all attractions. All “private” body areas must be appropriately covered. Swimwear which is too provocative or revealing, at the park’s discretion, is prohibited.

    For safety reasons and to prevent property damage of rides and attractions, the Park prohibits certain clothing/swimwear on certain rides.

    In general, no hats, glasses, loose jewelry, and shoes are allowed on most rides. See ride rules for details on permitted clothing for each attraction.

    Masks, horror, or Halloween-style attire is not permitted.

    We do not permit clothing that depicts violence.

    Tattoos – No vulgar or offensive tattoos, statements or artwork on clothing. This includes curse words, depictions of sexual acts or nudity, depictions or messages of violence, and racially or religiously divisive/hateful material.

  • Prohibited Items

    Park will be conducting Bag Checks and metal detection upon entry. We reserve the right to deny entry (without refund), to anyone refusing to comply with all security procedures.


    • Maximum allowable cooler size is 12” X 12” X 12” (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm). 
    • Hard-sided coolers are not allowed into the Park.
    • Maximum allowable beach bag for personal items is 15” X 15” X 15” (38 cm x 38 cm x 38 cm).
    • Maximum of one bag per person is allowed.
    • No outside foods or beverages are allowed with the exception of unopened bottles of waters or empty refillable water bottles.


    All of the following are strictly prohibited items:

    • Weaponry of any kind is strictly prohibited at the park, in parked cars, concealed on one's person, or carried in bags.
    • Alcohol, Illegal Drugs (including medical marijuana), and electronic cigarettes
    • Glass objects or bottles
    • Fireworks
    • Selfie-Sticks
    • Skateboards, bicycles, and roller skates
    • Spray paint or permanent markers
    • Whistles
    • Tents, beach umbrellas, and pop-up canopies
    • Non-Coast Guard approved floatation devices
    • Sporting equipment (ex: Beach balls, frisbees, footballs, etc...)
    • Snorkels and swim masks (with nose covering)
    • Speakers, radios, and musical instruments
    • Non-service-related animals
    • Drones - Use of drones (in, over, or around the Park), whether for photographic purposes or otherwise, is strictly prohibited 
    • Park security may remove unattended or suspicious items from the park throughout the day. These items may be reclaimed at the Security office when you are leaving the park.


    Failure to comply with the above could result in immediate ejection from the park without a refund.

  • Accessibility

    While the Park complies with federal and state laws, there may be some rides, attractions, or activities which may not be safely accessible to all persons. For details on ride access and other accommodations, click the link below to view our Accessibility page. 

    Click here to view our Accessibility page.

  • Children and Families

    Unaccompanied Minors

    A child under 13 years of age or under 42 inches in height  must be accompanied by an adult in order to gain entry into the park. We do not page guests. We recommend that as you enter the park, you decide on a meeting place should you be separated from any minors under your care.


    The Park welcomes all breastfeeding (in accordance with applicable law) and does not discriminate against breastfeeding.

  • Photography

    Personal. Guests are welcome to take pictures of themselves, their friends and family, their group, and the scenery in general, for their own personal use. However, NO cameras of any kind (including cell phones) are allowed on any ride or attraction, because such items pose a safety hazard.

    In addition, no one is permitted to take photographs of others who object, or which violate another's privacy, rights to publicity, or which are harassing, stalking, or threatening. Image taking or recording is strictly prohibited, under all circumstances, in bathrooms, changing rooms, and locker areas; violators may be held for law enforcement, and are subject to arrest and prosecution. 

    The Park May Take and Use Images & Video of All Guests. The Park at all times reserves the right to videotape patrons, and take still images, and to utilize those images and videos for any reason, including marketing, advertising, promotion, on social media, live streaming on the Internet, for safety and security, for documentation as evidence in a legal or criminal matter or other investigation, for news reporting, and otherwise in an unrestricted manner for legitimate purposes. All property ownership of such materials, and copyright in and to all such materials, shall belong exclusively to Park in perpetuity, without any compensation or other consideration to any guest or other person in, on or around the Park property.

    Commercial photography of any kind is strictly prohibited.

    In any event where unauthorized video or images has been uploaded to any social media channel, Park shall have the unrestricted and exclusive right and authority to have such materials removed. Any materials which defame the Park may result in legal action for damages, and the Park shall have absolute right and authority to obtain both temporary and permanent injunctions from the further use or dissemination of such material, in all channels and all mediums of communications, throughout the world, whether now known or hereafter devised, and to obtain all materials and obtain an order for the destruction of all such materials.

  • Operational Policies

    • Prices and operating schedule are subject to change without notice.
    • All attractions are subject to temporary maintenance, safety or inclement weather shutdowns.
    • Season Passholders must present their passes to gain entrance to the Park (Season Passes are NOT transferable for others to use). Season Pass entry is only valid once a day. Guests who leave the Park and plan to return must get a hand stamp before they leave the Park at the exit/re-entry gate. When guests return to the Park, they must enter through the re-entry gate with a proper hand stamp.
    • These Park Rules & Policies are not comprehensive, and are subject to change without notice. The Park may have numerous additional rules and procedures applicable to guests which, if not followed, may subject the guest to ejection without refund. 

Questions or Need Additional Help?

For information on rides, lockers, ride accessibility, wheelchair rentals, booking group events, and other information, you can contact the Park at (909) 802-2200 or Click Here.

Thank you for your patronage. We look forward to making your visit thrilling, joyous, and filled with happy memories!

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